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iDyam Solutions providing total solutions,
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About us

Business Solutions that meet your challenges and are ready for your future

Here at iDyam Solutions, we pride ourselves that we have a vast amount of experience and a detailed working knowledge of many market sectors. Coupled with the solutions we have makes for a formidable offering that any business can stay with. Linked with our super Service Delivery teams in the NAVengers you can be confident of success and excellent value.

What We Do

Business Solutions can be made over complicated, but we’ve seen it all before and so we provide solutions that work with you.

What We Do

Who We Help?

We work in many industries and our combined experience shows this. We can address any challenge we come across.

Who We Help?

Why Choose Us

We have proven experience and knowledge, of business markets using quality  products that have evolved with the times.

Why Choose Us
Our Approach

We get to know each other, evolve the plan and create a solution that can be implemented smoothly

Our approach to the provision of all our solutions is at first to get to know our client. Our clients get to know us, now we have a team.This  allows us to set the road ahead and make sure we stay on track. Stay realistic, meet exceptions and succeed.

At first

we understand your business, the pains, the needs, the challenges and the change. What are you about, your future, your plans.


we get under the hood, “A day in the life of ..”, and that allows us to get to know your teams and operations. Many process can be overlooked if we don’t do this.

Moving on

we walk through the findings, modelling new features and benefits and their impact concluding in the model and plan.


we begin, phased start of the project and step by step approach ensuring we keep on track and members of the clients team grow with the project.

So whats going on at iDyam Solutions ?

Watch out for new and exciting news here in the near future !..