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Our Solutions & Partners:

Our Support & Help Desk

Our Support and customer attention is our foundation, our culture and our vibe

We believe that supporting our customers is not just a function of the support team within IDyam Solutions but that each of our customers is supported by the network of staff working at IDyam Solutions. It’s important for the ongoing relationship that every customer has access to the right skill set, whether it’s for daily operational support issues or the long term strategic planning of the businesses use of technology

For many organisations, delivering Service Desk support, providing incident management and meeting user demands effectively is costly and resource intensive. The challenges multiply when operations span multiple countries, time-zones and language requirements.

We believe our Service Desk lie’s at the heart of delivering a compelling customer service and typically influence how the IT function is viewed across the organisation. As a result, our customer benefit from our commitment to delivering the highest quality user experience.

Alongside our Sense and Respond methodologies our ‘Shift-Left’ approach also seeks to automate key processes and proactively reduce the burden of support. Bringing solutions closer to the user, making the resolution cheaper and faster and at the same time, improving user satisfaction.

Our Service Desk works to the same processes and standards, on a common tool set compliant with the international standards. This ensures we operate to best practice principles and deliver exemplary service quality, providing a service that continuously improves and evolves in line with your organisation’s needs.

Key Benefits you will get as standard.

Each customer has a designated team of staff to help and provide support at all levels, this team would consist of:

Nominated Support Consultant

While any member of the support, and in appropriate cases, the service delivery team may deal with support calls, we like to assign one of the senior support consultants as the customer champion. This member of the team will be actively involved in the take on process and with ongoing development reviews and testing.

Solution Architect

Responsible for working with the Client and IDyam Solutions Service Delivery team to review the business requirements and advise on the most appropriate strategy and solution. The solution architect is also responsible for the annual technical review (covered by the Full Service Annual Support option).

Operations Project Manager

Responsible for managing the development and delivery of agreed functionality, managing the release of development work into the live environment and ensuring that all aspects of scoping, testing and go live support are delivered on time.

Account Manager

Our Account Managers are experienced NAV consultants and their primary responsibility is for managing the relationship between the Client and IDyam Solutions. However, as well as ensuring all is well, they can also help with ad-hoc training and consultancy, manage your change requests, follow up issues logged in support and ensure that any news, be it company or product related is communicated to your teams.

Core Features (which can be adjusted for each client needs)

In terms of the support operation, the following outlines the standard support service and SLA’s.

IDyam Solutions provide standard support from Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and other Public Holidays from 9:00am to 5:30pm (Support Hours). For those customers who require it, extended support is also available, this level of cover provides support Monday to Sunday, 8:00am to 11:00pm 365 days a year. But we know that sometimes you need help out of hours, so we offer occasional use of the out of hours service free to all our customers.

Calls can be logged by email or by phone and can be tracked via our portal. The next release of the portal will allow customers to log and close calls, as well as generate support reports to track our progress. However, we always encourage customers to log calls via the phone as we find this the most effective way of understanding and resolving issues for some people.

In addition to this, each customer receives a monthly report, providing them details of calls logged, open and closed, as well as the annual performance against the published SLA’s.

Support ProgramStandard EnhancedEnhanced Premium
General calls and help regarding the Navision ERP solution, this includes guidance on usage, error traps, restarts and error message supportYesYesYes
Online remote dial in support for fixes and guidanceYesYesYes
Telephone or email guidance to users on the use of specific modules or featuresYesYesYes
Any call logged during the client operating oursYesYesYes
Onsite Half Day system health check (1 per year)-YesYes
Tips and Tricks adviceYesYesYes
For any other 3rd party applications or solutions, call management is included--Yes
3rd Party EPoS or supporting hardware management--Yes
Pre-pack Special price consultancy / development days-OptionYes

These are our standard SLA's and Coverage times.
However we offer bespoke configurations to suit our clients operation needs.

PriorityResponse TimeResolve Time
3 - Low90% - 24 Hours90% - 7 Days
2 - Medium90% - 8 Hours90% - 2 Days
1- High95% - 4 hours90% - 8 Hours
0 - Urgent95% - 30 Minutes90% - 2 Hours
Standard Help Desk Monday to Friday
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Extended Help DeskSaturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Additional Services

LS Retail NAV and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If you’re embarking on a project with Dynamics NAV, you can rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way; after all – we’ve been there done that and then learnt from it…over and over and over again.

We know that support is the main point of contact for most companies. That’s why, when building our Team we only wanted those who already had extensive experience of working with Dynamics NAV.

We have a large and dedicated team providing support. Support and customer service is a culture here at IDYAM and anyone who can assist you in solving your problems is empowered to get involved.

Our Team currently supports many customers. We believe that always having the bandwidth to handle a customer’s issue is critical in providing great support, which is why we have a higher ratio of staff to customers than found in most other Dynamics NAV support businesses.


Training Services

We provide a range of training courses, which have been designed for you to enhance your understanding and knowledge of Dynamics NAV, enabling you to get the most out of your system.

Whether you are new to the solution, an experienced user or like most of us somewhere in between, training is the key to unlocking the power of your Dynamics NAV solution. After all, if you don’t know it’s there and don’t know how to use it, then it’s of little value to your business.

We understand the importance of training, but a lot of training is cost prohibitive and therefore businesses tend to shy away from giving their staff the knowledge to use the tools provided to do their job. It’s a shame but more importantly it’s probably costing you money, not getting the best out of your IT investment can result in manual, laborious processes and workarounds.

Here at IDYAM, we have put together a range of training courses which have been designed for you to enhance your understanding and knowledge of the systems you use.


Health Checks

Sadly, for a lot of existing Dynamics NAV users either their system is broken or more so they feel their quality of service, value for money or strategic advice from their current partner is non-existent. Never fear, we’re here with our NAV Doctor Service to make it all better!

We provide a free “Health-Check” to any Microsoft Dynamics NAV software user who wants it. The Health Check is designed to get to the root of your issues and provide advice and a plan of action to sort them out.

By providing a more enhanced partnership with your organisation through improved support, better advice and access to years of knowledge and experience, we can not only remedy your current problems, but provide you with a solid platform and a strategic view to ensure that your Dynamics NAV software solution is fit for purpose for many years to come.


Performance Health Checks (SQL and Data director)

Your data is a critical part of your business. As your business continues to succeed, the demands on your database will continue to increase. The increasing demands of a growing database environment can lead to unexpected performance changes like poor performance or outages. Without a clear performance baseline and plan to deal with the complexities of your SQL Server infrastructure, your team risks being left in the dark when issues arise. You may even miss opportunities to cut costs and increase performance.

IDYAM specialises in database check-ups and performance tuning, especially within the retail arena. We work directly with your team to assess the overall performance of your environment. We’ll dig in to any issues that we uncover, provide explanations, and offer strategies to mitigate or remove the issue.

During the check-up, we’ll establish a performance baseline and set up a regular maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance will keep your database in great shape and will make it even easier to implement performance improvements. With a reliable baseline in place, you can track your performance improvements over time. As part of the check up, we also identify opportunities for database and server consolidation to cut costs.

Once the check-up is complete, you will have a performance baseline, an action plan, and a set of techniques to help you measure and maintain database performance.


Retail Hardware Field Service

In today’s competitive business environment, retailers must ensure that they have the appropriate processes and service models in place to protect operations in the event of a technology malfunction. The Hardware Maintenance Services offered by IDYAM provide the support needed to help companies reduce downtime, ensure technology operates smoothly and maintain a competitive edge.

Other benefits include:

• High-quality repairs and responsive service.
• Brand neutral; skilled in servicing a broad range of equipment.
• Can be a single-source maintenance provider for all your barcode equipment , POS Terminals & Accessories helping you consolidate vendors for even greater efficiency and cost savings.

We Are The POS Service Experts!

As we continue to grow, our ability to offer you more services grows as well. With the addition of our new facility, we now have more space, more technicians and a larger, more experienced and full-time POS service team to serve you. Our team provides point of sale implementation, lifecycle management services, onsite POS support and much more.

How Can We Help You Grow Your Business?

With Professional POS Services that include:

Project Management

Based on scope and size, we assign a dedicated Project Manager to manage your task. As a single point of contact between your internal staff and our technical team, they will develop a project plan that includes measurable deliverable’s and milestones which are periodically updated throughout the implementation of your project.


Leave the technical details to our experienced team of experts. We will custom design, deploy, stage and create inventory strategies to meet your individual project needs. Includes, onsite POS preparation, hardware staging and software imaging.


Once your POS systems are installed and implemented, we offer comprehensive training to help you and your employees get the most out of your hardware and software solution with over-the-phone training options available 24/7, or onsite POS training at your location performed by our certified technicians.

Need POS Service To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Hardware?

We offer complete Lifecycle Management Services that include:

End-to-End POS Service Hardware Maintenance

As certified partners with Veripos, NCR, IBM,Toshiba and HP, we often know in advance when your hardware is nearing end-of-life status, and we have the ability to extend the life of your POS hardware with upgrades and repairs.

Reverse Logistics

When you want to replace your end-of-life POS hardware, our team of project managers and POS service technicians help to coordinate the removal of the old systems and help install the new hardware. Your unwanted equipment is disposed of, or recycled if you prefer.

How Can We Help You Service Your Existing POS Hardware?

With high-quality POS Repair Services that include:

Onsite POS Technicians

Having trouble with your point of sale hardware or software?

Our onsite POS technicians in Dubai can quickly diagnose and fix almost any problem onsite.
In-House Repair

If your POS hardware needs to be repaired, Resource POS is a full-service, vendor certified and approved repair shop. Anywhere within the UK our experienced team of POS service technicians are available to help get your machines – and your business – back up and running as quickly as possible.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail Consultancy Services

Navision consulting team members at IDYAM have extensive experience ranging from 10 to 30 years in the ERP field of business. Each one of our Navision Consultants has passed the latest certification exams which are required for IDYAM to meet Microsoft’s Gold ERP Partner status.

Navision Consultants at Clients First offer a variety of services:
• Customisation and programming services for a variety of versions including Navision 3.7, 4.0, 5.0, 2009 and 2013.
• Navision Upgrade services from existing versions to NAV 2009 R2 and NAV 2013 along with pre-existing customisations and data migration
• Full service phone, remote control and on-site service by fully certified consultants
• Navision Integration with Third Party solutions such as ecommerce sites, sharepoint, warehouse management systems, shipping integration with UPS and Fedex.
• Creating new Reports, dashboards and business intelligence solutions

Microsoft’s Gold ERP Partner status is an elite qualification level that only the top 2% of Value Added Resellers (VAR) and Consultants achieve. It takes over 100 hours per year per Navision consultant to maintain this qualification level but it ensures to our clients that our service delivery team is among an elite tier of experienced professionals.

Navision Customisation, Integration & Implementation services include
• Expert in Role Tailored Client Reports (RTC) using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
• We can build complete custom modules, i.e. Advanced Commissions, Trade Spend etc.
• Local & remote implementations using our exclusive Navision implementation methodology that ensures a smooth Go-Live.
• The Clients First methodology utilizes elite dedicated project managers whom are among the top Navision Consultants in the world.. Your project manager controls all the resources on your project ensuring you have the depth and breadth of experience needed to exceed your expectations without going beyond scope or over budget. They manage timelines, anticipate needs, foresee problems and mitigate risk. They dedicate their time to ensuring your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Above all, they act as the centre of your project and your single point of contact throughout the entire process.


The Support Team

We know that support is one of the more regular points of contact for most customers. That’s why, when building our team we only wanted people who already had extensive experience of working with NAV. Sadly support is often the dumping ground for the junior and the mediocre, at IDyam Solutions our team of support consultants are as experienced as our service delivery team, after all, when you have an issue, you want to know that the people who will help you are the best there is to help.

Our team currently support many customers and this is a higher ratio of staff to customers than found in most other NAV support businesses, we believe that always having the bandwidth to handle a customer’s issue is critical in providing great support.

But the support team don’t just react to problems as they are logged. We provide a minor mods service through support, so if you have a piece of work that is an hour or less, then we’ll do that through support, free of charge. The support team are also more than happy to provide burst training. Burst training is designed to deliver a web based training session on a focused topic. So if you need help with the year-end process or setting up your VAT statement, then book a session with one of the team and they will deliver the training at a time convenient for you, another free service that we deliver to all our customers.