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Some of the more common questions

How do we transfer our support to you?

All we would need is an official email stating your request to do so, and we handle from there. We also will need to spend maybe half a  day to check out your system so we can be sure of the support infrastructure we will need to support you.

If I transfer to you, what about our special customisations?

Because of the architecture of Dynamics NAV and BC and along with our teams experience in this, we can quit easily assess the customisation’s and understand the support knowledge we would need to help you. We have done so many times.

What about supporting our add on modules?

Most of our enhancements (add on modules) are the most common that we are already support with other clients. However, due to our long experience in this business we have connections within the whole dynamics network, so there is every chance we know you specific add-ons already.

What does the support cost?

Firstly, to transfer there is no cost as this is Microsoft policy. For support then this would depend on the coverage you need, however our rates are very competitive and great value because we don’t have high overheads and unnecessary costs.

Our system is running very slow, how can you help?

We have a very strong team in this area and have specialist tools and procedures to quickly sort this out. Many users have benefited from our SQL PMS programs, the results are clearly “like a Breath of fresh air!”

What types of support programs do you offer?

We offer all types, from general issues escalation to full System management and even tips and tricks. We can do this for all your solutions and hardware. So a complete one stop shop.

What if we already have an internal Support department?

We can work with or inside your team, we do this for many clients. So we can be the 2nd or 3rd level support for your team and at the same time keep them up to date to help support you better.

What kind of response times can I expect?

We have our standard SLA’s set as a template but we can handle multiple types and numbers of SLA’s to suit any business requirement.

Try Our Help Desk Portal Here or alternatively you can email us for anything on Support@iDyamSolutions.com