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LS eCommerce

LS eCommerce

The complete unified commerce experience for your retail store

Deliver a consistent shopping experience across all your sales channels. All information on items, prices and discounts is maintained in the LS Central retail management system which seamlessly communicates with your eCommerce platform.

Deliver a unified experience

With a unified commerce system your business information (from prices, to items, to product availability) is always consistent, as all the channels, including your eCommerce portal, communicate with the ERP, and pull up information in real time.

Standard integration
to your e-commerce site

LS Central offers out-of-the box integration with Magento, Avensia and Dynamic web, some of the best known global eCommerce platform providers. This means all your channels can communicate seamless out of the box, and you get a unified view of your customers and products. Our official alliance with these providers also means that all features and upgrades will be automatically delivered to your system.

Click and Collect

Let your customers decide how to receive their purchases. Click and collect enables customers to shop online or on the mobile, and then choose whether they would like to have their goods delivered directly to their home, or pick them up at any store location or warehouse.
Total availability

Why LS Central unified commerce software solution?

Using LS eCommerce makes sure that your online store always contains up-to-date product information, as well as allow to easy to order special, out-of-stock and customised items.

Open architecture


The open architecture of the system enables you to develop your connection to your preferred eCommerce provider.

Product recommendations


Recommend relevant products on your site: the machine learning software suggests items based on customers’ tastes and previous purchases.

On multiple devices


The eCommerce platform is responsive, so your customers can use their favourite device to browse and shop.

Third-party integrations


LS Central has also been integrated to Shopify and WooCommerce. These integrations are built and maintained by third parties.