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LS Retail point of Sale

Run your whole business with one unified commerce software platform

Extend the Point of Sale (POS) terminal from a simple sales device to a sales assistant where your employees can view up-to-date inventory, check product details, deliver personalised service, access product recommendations, order items, and close sales.

ePOS/mPOS: for stationary and mobile devices

The LS Central POS runs on your favourite computer, tablet or mobile device, as well as on traditional POS terminals. Empower your staff to process payments, assist shoppers with product information and even perform critical back office and inventory functions rapidly, wherever they are.

Drive engagement with the clienteling POS

Empower your employees to sell more than the inventory available in-store, and make all your customers feel valued and important. Using the highly visual clientele view of the POS, your staff can:

  • show and compare products available across all your store locations
  • access detailed product information
  • give personalised sales advice to customers.

Source products from other locations at the POS

Don’t let an out of stock in your store lose you a sale. If an item, or a specific size or color, is not available in the current store, your staff can now source the item from another store location or from a warehouse.

Customers can then collect the item in any of your stores – or have it shipped to their preferred address.

Recommend extra items your customers will love

Enhance your customer service and grow profitability with meaningful product recommendations based on your customers’ shopping history. Your staff can get the product suggestions at the stationary and mobile POS, and then deliver them to customers in a personalised way.

Total EPoS

Why LS Central PoS Solution?

The POS devices work in online and offline mode. So even if you are using the cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) version of LS Central, you can be resilient and keep on selling even when your internet connection is unreliable.

Very easy to use


Cut training times and speed up transactions: the system’s graphical interface is highly intuitive.

Real-time data lookup


POS and back office communicate live, so you can easily process loyalty transactions, returns and refunds.

Multiple payment options


Accept cash, smart cards, foreign currency, vouchers, gift cards and more, even in the same transaction.

Role-based view


Speed up service and reduce risk: staff only sees the options they need, based on their user roles and permissions.